Sri Suparshwanath Basadi, Chandragiri Hillock, Shravanabelagola.

Main Deity – Idol of Lord Suparshwanath in padmasana posture.

History – Suparshwanath Basadi is found to the west-north-west of Chandraprabha basadi on the Chandragiri hillock. It is similar in plan to the Shanthinatha basadi. The image of Suparshwanatha is generally copied by a hooded serpent. The only other image among the tirthankaras canopied by a serpent is the Parshwanatha image. The hoods of the serpent are generally three or finve or seven in number. The image here is a seated figure, canopied by a seven hooded serpent and flanked by male chamara bearers. No information is available as to when or by whom this shrine was founded.