Main Deity – Idol of Lord Chandraprabhu in padmasana posture.

History – The Chandraprabha basadi which is to the west of Shasanabasadi consists of an open Garbagriha, a sukhanasi, a navaranga and a porch and enshrines a seated figure of Chandraprabha, the eighth tirthankara. In the sukhanasi are placed the images of Shyama and Jwalamalini, the yaksha and yakshi of this Jina. The pedestal of Jwalamalini shows a lion with two riders seated one behind the other, though the usual cognizance is a bull. The imagers have no prabhavali and appear to be earlier than the Hoysala period. The inscription on the rock close to the outer wall of the navaranga states that a basadi was built by Shivamara and it may be concluded from its paleography that it refers to the Ganga king Shivamara II. If the basadi referred to in the Chandraprabha basadi, this temple would be one of the oldest on the hill and its date would be about 800 A.D. But the temple appears to have been rebuilt at a much later date with brick and mortar probably over the original plinth.