At some distance to the west-south-west of Chauvvisatirthankara basadi is a Donne or the natural pond. This Donne is the chief source of water supply on the hill at present. Near the Donne to its west stands a temple known as Chennanna basadi It consists of a garbhagriha, a porch and a verandah. The temple is built for Adinatha the first tirthankara, whose seated image has been carved out in relief on a large boulder. A Manastambha or pillar stands in front of it. From an inscription discovered on the same boulder on which the image is carved it is gathered that this temple was built by two brothers Chikkanna and Chennanna in 1667 A.D. and the two figures, one male and the other female, facing each other with folded hands, carved on the pillars of the verandah, probably represent Puttasami Shetty and Deviramma, the parents of Chikkanna and Chennanna. To the north-east of the basadi is a mantapa or a pillared hall situated between two Donnes or natural ponds. It can be surmised with the evidence of another inscription found near them that Chennanna might have consrcuted these Donnes.