Shravanabelagola, February 6, 2006: True Ahimsa or non-violence does not mean only doing away with violence. All types of exploitation, deprivation and inequality constitute violence. So long there is poverty, backwardness and illiteracy in our country, the stigma of violence will continue to be upon us, Vice President Bhairon Singh Shekhawat said on Monday.
Addressing the gathering after performing the ‘Rajyabhisheka Ceremony’ in Pachakalyana Mahotsav of Adinath, the first Theerthankara, on the occasion of the Mahamastakabhisheka Mahotsav here, the Vice President pointed out that while following the principal of non-violence, we should always consider as to what we are doing for the welfare of the poor and deprived. As long as 26 crore people continue to remain below the poverty line, deprived of basic amenities like employment, nutritious food, education, health and safe drinking water, a truly non-violent society cannot be established.
“If all the prosperous people start following the principles of Ahimsa and Aprigrah, frugal living, and adopt a poor family or a village and work for their upliftment, the poverty in our country can be eliminated easily. The people belonging to Jain society can easily do so because fortunately a large number of them are prosperous. The principle of Aprigrah does not forbid accumulating wealth; it guides us to utilize our resources for the welfare of the society,” he added.
Shri Shekhawat said the principles propounded by Jainism are integral part of our ancient Indian culture. In our culture where faith and belief in religion are important, right conduct has been given more importance. All religions consider self to be a manifestation of God and therefore service of humanity automatically becomes service of God. “Therefore when religion enjoins upon us to serve and follow the path of non-violence, it becomes our paramount duty to follow the spirit of Antyodaya and serve the poorest of the poor with a spirit of
dedication,” he exhorted the gathering.
Hoping that from the solemn Mahamastakabhisheka ceremony of Bhagwan Bahubali today, a resounding message of good conduct and moral values will go to all the people and inspire them to contribute to the transformation of our country, the Vice President said he felt blessed on coming to Shravanabelagola.
Recounting the story of the fight between the brothers Bharatha and Bahubali, the Vice President said the moral of the story was that violence, anger and ego are the biggest impediments in the path to upliftment of the source and welfare of humanity.
Earlier he inaugurated the Srimathi Chandravali Siddhomal Jain Girls Hostel of Bahubali College of Engineering constructed at a cost of Rs.35 lakh donated by Mr. Devendra Kumar Jain of Delhi by unveiling a plaque. – Jain Heritage Centres News Service (JHCNS)