The Savati Gandgavarana basadi ussually known as the Gandhavarana basadi is to the right of the Eradukatte basadi. It is a fairly large structure consisting of a garbhagriha, a sukhanasi and a navaranga. The temple is so named after the epithet Savatigandhavarana, a rutting elephant to co-wives, a peculiar title of Shantaladevi, the Piriyarasi or chief queen of the Hoysala king Vishnuvardhana. The temple dedicated to Shanthinatha, the sixteenth tirthankara. The Tirthankar image has an ornamental prabhavali and is flanked by male chamara bearers. The figures of Kimpurusha and Maha-manasi, the yaksha and yakshi of this Jina, are placed in the vestibule. The outer walls are decorated with pilasters and the garbhagriha is surmounted by a large tower. This tower is an interesting example of a Hoysala brick tower constructed in imitation of Ganga towers. Octagonal and sixteen sided fluted pillars appear in the navaranga. From the inscriptions near the entrance and on the pedestal of Shantinatha we learnt that the temple was caused to be built by Shantaladevi in 1123 A.D.