Shravanabelagola, November 1, 2005: Preperations are under way for the All India Jain Vidwat Sammelan to be held at Shravanabelagola from Dec. 29th 2005 to 1st Jan 2006. Sri Phoolchand Premi of Varanasi (coordinator of the sammelan), Sri V.Vrishabdas Shastri of Shravanabelagola and Dr.Anekant Jain of Delhi (Co-coordinators of the sammelan) have informed in a press release. They have informed that renowned Jain scholars from all over India would be invited for the conference to present their papers.
At the conference deliberations would be held on the following topics: Jainism, Antiquity of Shramana Sanskriti, Contribution of South Indian to Shramana Sanskriti, topics related to Lord Bahubali and other topics. – Jain Heritage Centres News Service (JHCNS)