Shivamogga (Karnataka), August 22, 2016: After writing two epic poems — Sree Ramayana Mahanveshanam and Shrimudi Parikranam — on Draupadi, former chief minister M Veerappa Moily is writing another epic poem on Bhagavan Bahubali, a much revered figure among the Jains.

Interestingly, while writing the epic poem on Bahubali, Moily has become vegetarian.

He said ‘Sree Ramayana Mahanveshanam’ has seen translations in various languages like Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, English and others.

“In the same way, ‘Shrimudi Parikranam’ is being translated into Hindi and English and they will be released soon. While writing the two epic poems, I did not face any problems as the stories were rooted in Hindu religion and scriptures. But writing an epic poem on Jainism is a challenge. Ancient poet Kumaravyasa had penned down Bharatesha Vaibhav on Bharata. But Bhagawan Bahubali was not given his due importance in the literary field,” he said.

“So, the Jain seer of Shravanabelagola had called me and asked to write an epic on Bahubali. Initially, I hesitated and postponed his proposal for years. But he convinced me. Now I started writing the book. But it would require a lot of preparation. They have planned to release the book in the Mahamastakabhisheka to be held in 2018,” he said.

“During my study of Jainism and Jain literature to know about Bahubali, unknowingly, I have quit non-vegetarian food. For the past one-and-half years, I have become vegetarian,” he added.

He has written a book ‘Musings on India’ on contemporary issues. Now, he has been writing books on the steps to be taken to make India an economic superpower by 2020, ‘Quest for Justice’ and ‘Quest for Governance’ in English and they would be published in two months, he said.

When asked how he could give time to write amid political activities, he said he would prefer early morning and late evening for writing.

In the morning, he would write in Kannada, while in the evening, he would write English books. – News Courtesy: The New India Express