A Magical Evening atop Vindhyagiri
A Magical Evening atop Vindhyagiri
A Magical Evening atop Vindhyagiri

Shravanabelagola, February 14, 2006: Vindhyagiri decked up like a bride in lights, Bhagawan Bahubali radiating in different hues of laser light, leading poets of the Kannada literary world reciting their literary lines, leading singers of the land lacing these lines with musical notes, poets making floral offering Mastakabhisheka to Gommata with assorted flowers embellishing the night sky like a flowing rainbow………….And it was a full moon day!
It was sheer magic atop Vindhyagiri on Monday evening when poets offered homage to the giant monolith, the fountain of inspiration of Kannada literature over centuries. The setting was the unique ‘Confluence of Poets-Poems-Music’, a novel programme organised on the occasion the new millennium’s first Mahamasthakabhisheka Celebrations that went on well pass 12 midnight.
Noted poet Dr. G S Shivarudrappa, inaugurating the confluence, underscored the relevance of the values enshrined by Bhagawan Bahubali during the current times when materialism and commercial considerations were ruling the society. “The human values of non-violence, frugal subsistence and renunciation this Giant before whom were gathered today epitomises are core cultural barometers of civilized life, and these are very relevant in the modern times when materialistic attitude is leading humanity away from civilized behaviour,” he said.
Dr.Shivarudrappa said the futility of life is clearly brought out in the poems on Gommata penned centuries ago and Bahubali symbolises the eternal truth that ‘Everything is Yours’ even as man struggles living the wrong notion ‘All is Mine and All that is Yours is also Mine’, unable to surrender his ego to the universal truth.
Turning his attention to the increasing and everlasting influence of Bahubali on Kannada literature, Dr. Shivarudrappa pointed out that if the gentle giant and his life was the root source of inspiration for more than 25 Kannada poets of medieval times, driving them to write about Gommata and base their literature around him, in modern Kannada literature more than 60 writers have turned to Gommata for inspiration.
Releasing ‘Kavya Abhisheka’, an anthology of poems brought out on the occasion, renowned poet Chennaveera Kanavi said Bhagawan Bahubali has a special place in the history of Karnataka and releasing the book in such a programme in the presence of this imposing figure was “awe inspiring”. Bhagawan Bahubali achieved the impossible when he renounced everything; he said and added that during these times of hate, distrust and violence, one can find inspiration in the life of Bhagawan Bahubali who symbolises love, trust and non-violence.
Literary figure Dr.Chandrashekara Kambara, who presided, said the ideals of renunciation and non violence of Bahubali form an integral part of medieval Kannada literature and is captured vividly in these works. Characters such as Bahubali do not find a place in any other literature in any language in any other part of the world. Hence, the world of Kannada poems is completed overwhelmed by the character of Bahubali, he said and went onto recite a poem he had penned.
What followed was an exhibition and fusion of pure literary genius and musical genius, wafting all over Shravanabelagola in the night sky, filling the air with romance. And when all the poets climbed up the scaffolding and offered floral Mastakabhisheka, it was akin to an abhisheka of poems itself. Shravanabelagola pontiff Swasthishri Charukeerthi Bhattaraka Swamiji, who conceived the literary-musical homage, and programme convener Mr. Jinkalappa came in for wholesome praise from the gathering of literary luminaries. – Jain Heritage Centres News Service (JHCNS)