Shravanabelagola, Feb 23, 2006: Karnataka Governor T N Chaturvedi on Thursday endorsed the call of Indian Federation of Working Journalists (IFWJ) for establishment of a National Media Commission and a new wage board for working journalists.
Delivering the valedictory address at the 62nd National Convention of Indian Federation of Working Journalists (IFWJ), the Governor said the price index and the cost of living has increased dramatically over the last 10 years and if the Union Government could revise the salaries of those in the Government sector, it was imperative that necessary measures were initiated to increase the salaries of journalists and those others in the media. If journalism was to gain momentum in the changed times, it was imperative that their dignity was addressed.
This is a matter of social concern as the dignity of a common man will be preserved only if the dignity of those in the media, who are watchdogs of democracy, itself is preserved.
Pointing out that managements of some media houses were making huge profits, he said it was only fair that the fruits of these labour was shared with the media-persons themselves. The Governor also suggested establishment of a social security fund with the participation of Government, the industry and the private sector to safeguard the interests of many journalists, including the many who are suffering owing to their brand of true journalism not fitting the ‘needs’ of the current times.
The Governor endorsing the call for a National Media Commission said there was a vast chasm between the visual and the print media today and a media commission is the only body that can bring in the necessary correctives required in the visual media. “Press represents the principles of life and this has to permeate the visual media. If media goes astray, children and generation go astray. The society should not remain mute spectator to the degeneration of the media, either,” he said and added that National Media Commission was also required to protect the interests of many scribes who have been victimized for their investigative journalism.
Karnataka Madhyama Academy President V N Subba Rao, also endorsed the IFWJ demands, said the print media was in danger of diluting its efficacy if the electronic media did not mature. The visual media’s reaction to situation was knee jerk as it has no time to pause and think, running 24×7 news channels amidst competition as they are. They have lost a sense of balance and there is a need for introspection as the media at large itself was facing the danger of losing its credibility and accountability. News is being trivialized, he added.
Senior Journalist S V Jayasheela Rao reiterated the urgent need for establishment of the commission to review the functioning of the national media and suggestion of suitable correctives. Small and medium newspapers have stopped growing owing to unfair trade practices of some publishing houses, he added.
HH Swasthishri Charukeerthi Bhattaraka Swamiji urged all to remain united and pursue the course of dharma in pursuit of all their professional needs and goals.
IFWJ President K Vikram Rao, IFWJ Secretary General Paramamanda Pande, KUWJ President V Venkatesh, KUWJ Hassan President Shivananada Tagadur, MLAs H K Kumaraswamy, A T Ramaswamy, S M Anand, MMC06 Reception President A R Nirmal Kumar Sethi, MMC06 Working President A R Nirmal Kumar, MMC06 Publicity Sub Committee Convener Jithendra Kumar, Hassan Jilla Panchayat President Annappa Shetty, Hassan Jilla Panchayat CEO F R Jamadar and Hassan SP Panduranga H Rane were also present. – Jain Heritage Centres News Service (JHCNS)