Shravanabelagola, February 3, 2006: The two-day Digambar Jain general assembly today resolved to establish a Dharmic V V at Shravanabelagola in order to accord proper focus on dharmic values for the current generation and the coming ones.
Adopting resolutions presented by Assembly President Nirmal Kumar Sethi, the Jain resolved that all restoration works of Jain places of worship will be undertaken without harming the antiquity of these places. It was also resolved that no changes would be brought out or would be allowed to be brought about in the age old practices of rituals and rites current in vogue in different places of worship in different parts of the country.
It was resolved that the Jain community would consciously put a halt on excessive and wasteful spending in all dharmic and social programmes. All out efforts would be made to consciously turn the attention of the generation toward the Jain dharmic values. The assembly declared unity and discipline as the Jain slogans of the 21st century. The assembly decided that the Jain community would support all those who propound the values enshrined in Jain way of life.
Acharya 108 Vardhamana Sagar munimaharaj, Acharya 108 Viragsagar munimaharaj, Arika Vijayamathi Mathaji, Acharya 108 Padmanandi munimaharaj, Popular Munishri Tarun Sagar, MMC06 General Secretary Aravind Doshi, Retd IAS officer A A Shetty, S Shastri and A N Chandrakeerthi spoke on the occasion. – Jain Heritage Centres News Service (JHCNS)