Directly to the west of Siddhara basadi and opposite to Gommata is a Brahmadeva pillar with a pavilion at the top enshrining a seated figure of Brahmadeva. Below this pavilion stands the figure of a woman called Gullakayajji, about five feet high, facing Gommata and holding a Gullakayi in her hands. There is a tradition that when Chamundaraya made elaborate arrangements for performing the Abhisheka of Gommata, the milk did not descend lower than the thighs. But when guru directed him to use for anointment the little milk brought by a pious old woman in a Gullakayi, it instantly ran down all over the statue in streams and covered the hill. It is said that Gullakayajji or the Granny holding the Gullakayi was the Goddess Padmavati who, in order to break the pride of Chamundaraya at his great accomplishment, appeared at the time of the anointment in the guise of a poor old woman. According to another tradition she was the mythological Kushmandini. It is said that Chamundaraya got this image of Gullakayajji erected here and as mentioned the origin of the name of the village is also attributed by some to this tradition.