Shravanabelagola, December 31, 2005: Aryika 105 Prashanthmathi Mathaji on Saturday called upon Jain women’ to unite and fight against the horrific attitude of female infanticide.
Aryika 105 Prashanthmathi Mathaji, presenting her views on the contribution of Aryika Mathajis, the Jain nuns, to the Jain way of life, said throughout centuries Jain community has followed the tradition of imparting education to daughters started by Bhagwan Vrishabnath. Quoting the contribution of Vrishabanath’s daughters Bramhi and Sundari, who together helped evolve the Brahmi script, she said imparting modern education along with the dharmic values would aid women facing the hard realities of life.
Raising her voice against the killing of the girl child, she called upon the Jain women to unite in their fight against this horrific attitude. Recalling Aryika Mathajis immense contribution that has saved the Jain literature and tradition over generations, she said woman was the inspiration behind many historical people known for their work of saving and protecting the composite Indian tradition and culture.
Delivering lecture on the status of Prakrit language, Dr. J. Jwala of Mysore lauded the Shravanabelagola Digambar Jain Mutt for keeping alive the Prakrit language, which has vanished from the masses. She urged the scholars to bring out the dictionary of Prakrit language in various languages to ease the study of Prakrit by commoner. She called upon the Government to accord the status of a national language for Prakrit. Lauding the translation work of Davala into Kannada language by Jain Mutt, she expressed the hope that the Mutt would be able to bring out more such works in the coming years.
Speaking on “Jain and social life”, Dr. Nagaraj Ujire said Jain dharmic values propounded the harmonious relationship among different classes of people. Following a vegetarianism way of life contributed to understand the requisites of social life. The concept of ahimsa and sacrifice has always contributed to social harmony and held pivotal positions in the aiding peaceful co-existence in the modern society.
Delivering a lecture on “Contribution of Germans to Jain Literature”, Prof. M A Subhachandra of Mysore University Jainology and Prakrit Department stressed the need for establishment of an autonomous Jainology University at Shravanabelagola on the occasion of the first Mahamasthakabhisheka of the new millennium.
Pointing out that German Indologists contribution in protecting and presenting the Jain literature and tradition in front of the world was immense, he said it was the distinct works of Herman Yakobi that took the greatness of Jain literature to far corners of the world. Yakobi was also instrumental in changing the perception that Jainism was an offshoot of Buddhism and advocating Jainism as an independent religion, he added.
Sudeep Jain, Reader Lal Bahadur Shasthri Sanskrit Vidyalaya, New Delhi presented the viewpoints of the unique contribution of King Karavell securing the Jain religion. He urged the scholars and young generation to protect the rich inscriptions, which were in a very bad state due to the in humanistic attitude.
Shravanabelagola Pontiff His Holiness Swasthishri Charukeerthi Bhattaraka Swamiji, who graced the occasion, compared human life into a cricket match. Real knowledge, real faith and real conduct are like three stumps. The ten Karmas are like an opponent players, they always try to make you out. One has to be alert to save his wicket, and then only he becomes a Jina, he said in lighter vein.
Dr. Sarosh Jain, Jawhar University, Udaypur; Dr Shanti Sanmathi Kumar; Dr. Chandravathi Shasthri, Moodbidri; Dr. Vidyavathi; and Shwethambar Samnibavith Prajnaji also presented their views on the various aspects of Jain religion and tradition. – Jain Heritage Centres News Service (JHCNS)