On both sides of the image of Gommata, a little to the front, are two Chouri/Chamara bearers about 6 feet high, beautifully carved and richly ornamented, the one to the right being a male yaksha and the other a female yakshi. To the left of the colossus is a circular stone basin called Lalitha Sarovara (or the lovely pond), the name being engraved on the ant-hill opposite to it which receives the water used for the sacred bath of the image. There is a scale engraved near the left foot of Gommata measuring 3 feet 4 inches. But it is not known which of the standard measures it represents. To the right and left of Gommata, on the ant-hills are engraved inscriptions in old Kannada, Marathi and Tamil stating that Chamundaraya got the image made and that Gangaraja got the Suttalaya or the surrounding buildings constructed.