Akkana Basadi in the town, Shanthishwara temple in Jinanathapura built in 12th-13th century are the good pieces of Hoysala sculpture and architecture. These are built in soap stone. These have the Adishtana of similar nature. Garbagriha the sanctum sanctorum, sukanasi and sabha mantapa. The intricately carved Yaksha Dharanendra and Yakshi Padmavathi are see in Akkana Basadi. The main deity of Akkana Basadi is Parshwanatha (5 feet). The shanthinatha temple of Jiannathapura resembles the temples of Belur and Halebid. Akkana Basadi was built by Achiakka in A.D. 1121. She was the wife of the Brahmin minister Chandramouli in the court of Ballala II the Hoysala King. It is called Akkana Basadi as it was built by Achiakka. A village called Bommaiahanahalli was granted for its maintenance. Shanthinatha Basadi was built by Rechanna Dandanayaka according to the inscription found in Adhishtana. Rechanna was the commander in chief of Ballala II. It was constructed in the later part of 12th century.