Shravanabelagola (Hassan District, Karnataka), June 21, 2017: The 3rd international Yoga Day programme was organized at Chavundaraya Mantapa in the premises of Sri Digambar Jain Math, Shravanabelagola. Speaking on the occasion Acahrya 108 Sri Vardhamansagarji Maharaj said that, “Yoga is necessary for an individual to balance his mental and physical health. Yoga and Pranayama arn’t new to the Indian culture and has been practiced since time immemorial. It helps is purifying our soul, numerous saints, ascetics and Tirthankar’s have been able to purify their soul by practicing Yoga. Like we clean our home and vehicles every day we need to clean our body and mind which helps in purifying our soul. This is achieved through Yoga as it bridges the relation between mind and soul. Hence it is required to practice Yoga and Pranayama from our younger days”.

His Holiness Swasti Sri Charukeerthi Bhattarakha Swamiji, the pontiff of Shravanabelagola Jain Math led the proceedings. Speaking on the occasion he said that – “Yoga is helpful is leading an individual’s body, mind and words on the right path. To have a sound physical health it is required to have a balanced mental state. To have a balanced mental state we need to have mental peace. If consuming good food helps us to have a good physical health, mental well-being is achieved by practicing Yoga and Pranayama. If an individual has to achieve anything discipline and concentration are of utmost importance. Yoga helps in cultivating a healthy mindset. If we practice Yoga for 24 hrs it helps us in being fresh all throughout the day.”

Acharya 108 Sri Vardhamansagarji Maharaj and his Sangh, Acharya 108 Sri Vasupujyasagar Maharaj and his Sangh, Acharya 108 Sri Chandraprabhasagarji Maharaj and his Sangh, Acharya 108 Sri Panchakalyanasagarji Maharaj and his Sangh, PragnaShramana Balayogi Muni 108 Sri Amithsagarji Maharaj and his Sangh and other tyagis were present on the occasion.

Sri L.J.Karunya a student of Sri Ambika English Medium School spoke about Yoga day in Hindi. Physical eduction teacher at Girls High School Channarayapatna Sri H.Mahesh gave a Yoga demonstration. The Headmaster of Sri Ambika English Medium School Sri Vrushabdas Shastry delivered the welcome note. – Jain Heritage Centres News Service (JHCNS)