Tumkur District Map

Tumkur: District head quarters. An industrial town and educational centre, fast developing into a city.

Yediyur: Important pilgrim centre, famous for Veerashaiva Saint Sri Tontada Siddahalingeshwara Swamy temple.

Kunigal: The oldest stud farm is found here.

Pavagada: The hill fort built in 1405 by a Vijaynagar chieftain. It was the scene of fierce battle between the English and Tippu Sultan. Also found here is Shaneshwara temple.

Madhugiri: This proeperous town is known for its pomegranates and has one of the finest hill forts built by the Vijaynagar kings. Also to be seen are Jain Basadis and temples.

Marconahalli: Has a reservoir built accross Shimsha river. Boating is available here.

Devarayanadurga: This hillock is famous for the historical temples of Yoga Narasimha and Bhoga Narasimha. It is situated at 70 Kms from Bangalore. Another attraction of this place is Natural Water Spring called Namada Chilume.