The temple which stands on a lofty terrace with a lofty terrace with a high flight of steps leading up to is called Odegal Basadi. It is called Odegal Basadi because of the odegals or stone props that have been used for strengthening the basement walls. This Basadi is also known as Trikutabasadi by reason of its having three cells acing different directions. It is a fine granite structure of the Hoysala period with a plain exterior. It consists of three cells and three open sukhanasis with a common navaranga and a mukhamantapa. The navaranga pillars are cylindrical in shape and the central ceiling has a lotus pendant. The main cell contains a fine figure of Adinatha with a well carved prabhavali, flanked by male chamara bearers, the left cell has a figure of Neminatha and the right a figure of Shantinatha. Adinatha or Vrishabhanatha was the first among the twenty-four Jinas. He is also known as Purudeva. He was the father of Gommata.