Shravanabelagola (Hassan District, Karnataka), March 26, 2005: Swastisri Charukeerthi Bhattarakha Swamiji the pontiff of the Shravanabelagola Jain Mutt has informed that the Kalashas for the celebration of the Mahamasthakabhishekha of Bhagawan Bahubali at Shravanabelagola to be held in February 2006 will be released on the 1st of May 2005. He informed this to WWW.JAINHERITAGECENTRES.COM when Mr.H.P.Nitin the webmaster and chief coordinator of and Dr.H.A.Parshwanath the editor-in-chief of Jaina Voice meet him in connection with the Mahamasthakabhishekha preparations. He lauded the work done by in propagating Jainism. He was particularly impressed by its professionalism adapted in reporting and projecting the event of Mahamasthakabhishekha of Bhagawan Bahubali on the internet and there by creating a sensation and awareness and thus keeping the people from far off places and countries informed about the great event.
He opined that youths are the future beacon of the religion and said that Mr.Nitin is a live example to prove that how youths could make a difference and stands as a testimony to this.
He explained in detail the various types and categories of the Kalashas and the schemes adopted so that the maximum number of people are given an opportunity to perform the abhishekha. He also gave the details of the accommodation facilities planned at the time of the Mahamasthakabhishekha. The full details of the various categories of the Kalashas and the accommodation facilities provided at Shravanabelagola will be shortly published at The readers are hereby requested to keep track of the website.
He called upon the media to particularly carry the message of Bhagawan Bahubali in all their publications of the news related to Mahamasthakabhishekha. – Jain Heritage Centres News Service (JHCNS)