Gulbarga District Map

Gulbarga: District Headquarters. Unique synthesis of two cultures (Hindu and Muslim). The fort is majestic with 15 towers and 26 cannons Also important is Khwaja Bande Nawaz tomb and Shri SHarana Basaweswara temple.

Alanda: It is a pilgrim centre for Hindus. Has a samadhi of Shri Raghava Chaitanya Maharaja Partapur Guru.

Gangapur: Has a tempel of Lord Dattatreya.

Jevargi: Jain pilgrim centre has many Jain Basadis. The town is situated on the bank of River Bhima.

Malkheda: It was once the flourishing capital of the Rashtrakutas and a famous Jain centre. Has a large number of Jain sculptures and bronzes.

Narayanapura Dam: The river Krishna cascades down here which is known as Jaladurga Falls.

Sannathi: Buddhist centre on the banks of the River Bhima.