Shravanabelagola, August 25, 2004: The first meeting of Mahamasthakabhishekha National Committee has constituted various committees for the smooth celebrations of the Mahamasthakabhishekha event, they include: Mahamasthakabhishekha Pooja Committee (Convener: Sri B.H.Mahabalaiah , Bellur), Mahamasthakabhishekha Accommodation Committee (President: Sri Anil Sethi, Bangalore; Convener: Sri S.Suresh Kumar, Mysore), Volunteers Committee (President: D.A.Patil, Kolhapur), Kalasha Distribution committee (Convener: Sri D.R.Shah, Indi), People Welfare Committee (President: Sri H.N.Rajendrakumar, Bangalore; Convener: Sri S.A.Sudarshan), Panchakalyana Committee (Convener: Sri G.C.Ajitkumar, Shravanabelagola). The other committees would be constituted shortly. – Jain Heritage Centres News Service (JHCNS)