Bidar District Map

BIDAR: Stepped is history, it was once the capital of the Bahamani dynasty. It is a walled city with an imposing fort. Also an important Sikh pilgrim centre.

AURAD: It has a well known temple of Amareshwara. The annual Jathra is held for seven days in Feb-March every year.

BASAVAKALYANA: Capital of the Chalukyas. It was the seat of great social and religious reformer Sri Basaveshwara and other Shivasharanas.

BHALKI: It is the taluk head quarters. The town has an Eswara temple known as Bhalkeshwara in which there are small shrines dedicated to Basaveshwara.

HUMNABAD: It is a great pilgrimage centre. Annual jathra of Veerabhadreshwara is held here for seven days in the months of January-February.

JALASANGHI: An ancient village with an elaborate architectural temple dedicated to Shiva. The temple belongs to the Chalukyan era.

KARANJA: A dam with picturesque surroundings.

NARAYANAPURA: A Shiva temple of the Chalukyan times where annual jathra is held for two days in July.

Tourist Attractions: District of forts and palaces, Karanja Dam and religious shrines like Amareshwara temple at Aurad, Veerabhadreshwara temple at Humnabad, Shiva temple at Narayanapura, Bhalkeshwara temple, Ahmed Sha Vali tomb at Ashtur, Solah Pillar Mosque, Sikhs Gurudwara.

Bidar District Map
Bidar District Map