Bagalkot District Map

ILKAL: Afamous centre for weaving and dyeing. The place is famous for sarees.

KUDALASANGAMA: A famous pilgrim centre associated with Sri Basaveshwara, the 12th century social and religious reformer.

MAHAKOTA: It is a site of famous temples. Mahakoteshwara is one of the famous temples.

PATTADAKAL: A world heritage centre. It houses tenn major temples of the Chalukyan era. The largest temple is that of Virupaksha. Full of exquisite stone carvings, there is a majestic nandi 2.6 mtrs height. Also worth seeing are Mallikarjuna nad Papanatha temples and a jain temple.

AIHOLE: Called as the “Cradle of Indian Architecture”, there are over 100 temples including the oldest one, the Ladkhan temple. There are also Jain and Buddhist temples.

BADAMI: Capital of the early Chalykyans. There are attractive cave temples one with Nataraja having 18 arms. The oldest Bahubali idol in Karnataka is found at the Badami caves.

Tourist Attractions: Kudala Sangama; Badami Cave temples; Aihole; Pattadakal and Mahakuta.