The labour bestowed on this image is really astonishing and the image is on the whole a very successful master peice of sculpture. The best part of the image is its face with its wonderful contemplative expression touched with a faint smile with which Gommata gazes out on the struggling world. The spirit of Jaina renunciation is fully brought out in this statue. The nudity of the image indicates absolute renunciation, while its stiff and erect posture suggests perfect self-control. The benign smile on the face shows the inward bliss and sympathy for the suffering world. In spite of its slight anatomical defects, the image looks majestic and impressive. From the terrace around the Gommata image a wonderful sight meets the eye on all sides extending over a radius of about 60-65 Kms. On a clear day man well-known places can be identified through field glasses. This sacred place assumes an indescribable charm at dawn, at sunset, by moonlight and in the darkness of a starlit night.