The entrance to the court of the colossal image is called Akhanda Dwara or Akhanda-Bagilu since a good part of the doorway is carved out of a single rock. The well-carved architrave consists of a seated figure of Lakshmi bathed by elephants standing on either side. This Gajalakshmi group is under an ornamental arch carved in low relief. On both sides of this entrance are two small shrines, the one to the right containing the figure of Bahubali and the left one enshrining a figure of his brother Bharata. Both figures are carved in a high relief out of the natural boulders. According to tradition, this doorway was caused to be made by Chamundaraya. The images on either side of this entrance are also the flight of steps leading to this door way were caused to be made by the General Bharateshwara in about 1130 A.D. To the right of this doorway stands a big boulder known as the Gullakayajji Bagilu or doorway.